Ask Your College Counselor: SAT Score for My Dream School?

The SAT has undergone a number of changes over the last decade, which has left many test takers confused about what a good SAT score is in 2020. First of all, the total number of points on the test has continually changed. From 2005 until 2016, the SAT was scored out of 2400 points, but in 2016, the total returned to the original 1600.

With this change in mind, it can be difficult to understand what a good score is because a student’s score is subjective and may impact each individual’s college prospects differently. Hawk Educational Solutions offers expert SAT prep in San Diego as our personalized curriculum is developed and taught by its owner, Juliet Hawk, who possesses a teaching credential, master’s degree and 20 years of teaching experience and her team of personally trained instructors. 

Below we break down what a good SAT score is in 2020. For more information about SAT test preparation and scoring, contact Hawk Educational Solutions in San Diego today by calling (619) 300-7231.

The SAT is Scored Out of 1600

First thing’s first: the maximum score you can get on the SAT is 1600. On a basic level, that means the closer a student’s score is to 1600, the better their SAT score. However, the SAT is not graded on a scale, which makes it difficult to understand the difference between scoring 1000 or scoring 1200 when it comes to a student’s college hopes and dreams. 

Get a Baseline Score to Judge Yourself By

A good score should be based upon the amount of improvement a student has shown. Therefore, a student needs a baseline score on a practice test to properly judge their actual score. Test prep services like Hawk Educational Solutions encourage students to take a practice test. That way, when students receive their results, if they’ve outscored their initial baseline test score, they can judge the test a success. For example, if a student scored a 1050 on their practice test, but earned a 1120 on the actual SAT, that is an improvement!

Compare SAT Scores to the National Average SAT Score

Each year, the SAT is modified in that a student will never see the same test twice. As a result, colleges judge scores based on how students do on a particular test. Therefore, it is important to take a look at the national average of that particular exam among students in the same graduating class. For example, the national average in 2019 was 1059, so if a student earned a 1060 on the SAT, they scored slightly above average. In general, anything above average is approaching a quality score when the score is compared to other students on a national scale.

Compare SAT Scores to the Average at Your Target School

SAT scores are important because they are a key component of getting into a student’s dream college. Each college has different standards, so if students want a score to shoot for, look up the average score for accepted applicants over the past few years. For example, the average SAT score for students who went to UCSD is 1257, while the average score for a student SDSU is 1185. Therefore, if a student achieves a 1200 on the SAT, that is a great score for SDSU, but the same student might consider retaking the test after further preparation to get into UCSD.

SAT Prep in San Diego at Hawk Educational Solutions

The key to getting a good score on the SAT is preparation. No matter what a student’s baseline score is, at Hawk Educational Solutions, we can help every student raise their score. Not only that, but our SAT test prep experts can help students and parents understand what a student’s target score should be, allowing them to set attainable goals. To learn more about what a good SAT score in 2020 is or to find out more about our custom SAT instruction and lesson packages, contact Hawk Educational Solutions in San Diego by calling (619) 300-7231.

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