Educational Resources Overview

Educational resources, such as test prep, college preparation and literacy links for parents, students and other professionals are posted below. These organizations provide up-to-date instructional tools and learning materials that are user-friendly for parents, students and teachers alike. In addition, these sites feature critical information regarding deadlines and enrollment for key exams. Finally, some outline college admissions requirements and expectations of individual universities and programs.

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Links to Educational Resources

Educational Resources, test prep tips, common core, literacy, college admissions counseling

  •  CollegeBuoard Website–  SAT test info, the college admission process and personal statements, and scholarship opportunities.
  • FASFA– private and government subsidized and unsubsidized loans, grants and scholarships
  •– ACT test info
  • California State University Placement Tests- EPT/ ELM– alternative California State University entrance exams
  • Inside Higher Ed– latest news and trends in higher education
  • Best Colleges– a comprehensive directory of college rankings, programs and benefits
  • National Merit-Based Scholarhips- Chegg– students who exceed academic standards, but do not qualify for financial need based scholarships
  •– financial need based scholarships and grants
  • Khan Academy– math and science tutorials, and college readiness
  • – grades 1-9 writing and grammar coaching, lessons and projects
  • iCivics -investigate local, state and federal laws, rights, responsibilities and government functions through online interactive games, projects and puzzles
  • Get-the-Math – explore real life math scenarios to think beyond the textbook and appreciate the ways in which math applies to music, architecture, video game creation and civil engineering
  •– free downloads of grade appropriate fiction and non-fiction literature
  • K-12 Reader– a consortium literacy resources to support reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, vocabulary and writing skills
  • Smithsonian Tween Tribune– current events, cultural and scientific articles appropriate for youth of all ages.