Juliet Hawk- A Brief Bio

Juliet Hawk has vigorously pursued a diverse professional and academic path in education, which includes:

  • Credentialed public classroom teaching
  • High school administration as a principal and college counselor
  • Nonprofit mentoring and coaching
  • Public and private PSAT/SAT/ACT instruction
  • Individual tutoring across the United States and overseas.
  • Small business ownership

As a writer, she has authored and published:

  • Poetry
  • Short stories
  • Newspaper editorials and articles
  • Memoirs

Her specialized background has enhanced her abilities to convey complex subject matter, instruct effective test taking strategies and academic skills, offer sound college planning advice, and serve other writers and editors in the literary community.

Juliet’s Experience and Education

Juliet earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree while serving San Diego Unified School District and Arlington Public Schools in Virginia as a multi-subject elementary, middle and high school substitute teacher. After earning her Master’s Degree from George Mason University, Juliet worked with Covenant House Washington as a Youth Leadership Development Trainer for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program with socioeconomically disadvantaged inner-city teens in Anacostia Washington, DC.

In 2007, Juliet persisted in her dedication on “the front lines of education” and relocated to Taipei, Taiwan where she worked for Berlitz  as an ESL teacher, TOEFL test prep instructor and business English course curriculum designer.

After returning to United States in 2009, she earned a CA teaching credential while employed in several capacities; she served economically disadvantaged populations of Hispanic, Asian and African American students as a student teacher at San Diego High School, coached special needs students on the Autism Spectrum through organizations such as Club Xcite and San Diego Youth Services, and worked with C2 Education as an SAT/ACT test prep, general literacy and writing instructor.

Since graduating with her credential in 2010, Juliet has supported a diverse student demographic as a middle school biology and physical science teacher in San Diego, and an Honors English Language Arts teacher, high school principal, and Common Core trainer in Oakland, CA.

Additionally, she has published original short stories and poetry in San Diego Community College’s City Works and has contributed several editorial pieces to Oakland’s East Bay Express. Editing countless essays, articles and academic papers over the years, she has also developed expert grammatical knowledge and a meticulous eye for detail.

Juliet, the Private Educator

In 2014, Juliet returned to her native San Diego where she established her educational consulting business, Hawk Educational Solutions. Through continued professional development, Juliet maintains state of the art instructional techniques, educational technologies and quality client rapport. In addition, she collaborates with parents and other educators to equip her scholars with the invaluable skills that will assist them in leading prosperous and fulfilled lives. She remains dedicated to her students as they gain academic improvement and enhanced personal development from early elementary school through the college application process and high school graduation. When her students enter the university of their choice prepared and confident, her mission is complete.

Credentials and Degrees

Teaching Credential San Diego State University 6/2010

MA George Mason University  8/2006, Master of Arts

BA San Diego State University 12/2003, Bachelor of Arts