Reviews and Testimonials

Hawk Educational Solutions has earned over 90 5-star reviews and testimonials on YELP, Google and Thumbtack for professionalism, responsiveness, effectiveness, and dedication.

“My daughter enjoyed sessions with the teacher and felt prepared and confident before her AP exam. Thank you!”

Dite M., May 16th, 2019 (Thumbtack)

“My son was very impressed with Juliet and her ability to break things down to a simpler form. He will walk into the SAT test in a few weeks better prepared than the first go around.”

Don F., April 18th (Thumbtack)

“Highly recommend. My daughter really enjoyed working with Juliette as she was extremely patient, professional and positive. She helped her with understanding concepts, best practices on narrowing her focus and great timekeeping tips. My daughters first score prior to tutoring was 25 and after working with Juliet she got a 31.”

Ryan P., April 6th, 2019 (Google)

“Juliet is fabulous! We are most pleased with the progress our daughter is making in her studies! We found Juliet to be highly professional and obtainable to work with!
I highly recommend her !!!”

Jeffrey H., April 3rd, 2019 (Google)

“I highly recommend Juliet’s services. She is an amazing educational professional that has provided our family with great insight to all areas of the college process as well as general tutoring. She is a caring professional that has a real knack for working with teens.”
Jennifer C., Mar 11, 2019 (Thumbtack)
“She knows what my son needs to study for his improvement and her lesson is quite well designed for individuals. Very experienced tutor for English.”

June K., March 9th, 2019 (Thumbtack)

“Juliet is an attentive and professional instructor who has exposed and inspired my kids to seek knowledge far beyond what is commonly offered at public schools here in San Diego. I like how she combines social studies and language arts, giving the students a well-rounded worldview and not just what they need to succeed at standardized tests. Thank you Juliet! It is a pleasure to be in your company.”

Didi S., October 1st, 2018 (Google)

“Juliet Hawk is a great tutor. She worked with my daughter over this summer to prepare for her ACT. She was very efficient and always prepared, and gave relevant homework that helped my daughter improve her areas of weakness. My daughter received 34 on her first ACT test, which was 6 points more compared to her first practice test, and improved her science section by 10 points! She was a pleasure to work with, and we would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to improve on their standardized tests.”

Jian S., September 15th, 2018 (Google)

“Juliet Hawk is an amazing tutor. She was willing to work intensively with our son to prep for the ACT before he returned to school. Not only was she very focused on his needs in the meetings, she gave him relevant homework that helped to bring him up to speed in his areas of weakness. We would definitely recommend her and hope to hire her again when he is back in town.”

Charlotte D., August 21st, 2018 (Thumbtack)

“My daughter has had 2 lessons with Juliet. She feels she will get her well prepared for the SAT. Her teaching style is wonderful. She provides great and useful techniques. I am really pleased with her and will be using her for the summer and through my daughter’s sophomore year to prepare her for the SAT.”

Jean W., July 9th, 2018 (Thumbtack)

“We were told about Juliet via a glowing review from one of our friends. I am very pleased with the results she has delivered working with my son on his SAT preparation. As important as it is to know what to focus on, Juliet knows what not to waste precious time on. This has been key for my son. She hones in on areas that promise the most improvement in his scores. We’re expecting this will mean an overall jump of at least 100 points when he takes the SAT next in August. Money well spent.”

Peter M., June 9th, 2018 (Google)

“Juliet did a great job helping our son prepare for the ACT. We got her involved late, but she made an impact straight away and helped him focus and de-stress.”

Frank L., May 10th, 2018 (Thumbtack)

“Excellent experience working with Juliet! My daughter’s score went up significantly and she was easy to work with from beginning to end. I highly recommend her tutoring service!”

Nicole L., March 23rd, 2018 (Google)

“Juliet helped my son improve his ACT English score by 5 points and his Math score by 2 points. This allowed my son to submit a competitive ACT score to his chosen colleges. Juliet was great to work with and I highly recommend her services.”

Jennifer H., February 27th, 2018 (Thumbtack)

“My son is working toward improving his SAT scores. Everything has been mapped out by Juliet Hawk in a sound methodical way. At every session she uses every minute to work toward his ultimate goal of being best prepared for the SAT.”

Ken M., October 31st, 2017 (Thumbtack)

“Juliet is an amazing college consultant! She is warm, friendly, professional, punctual, knowledgeable, understanding, great with editing the college admissions essay, tutoring and remaining involved with the application process. I would highly recommend her to anyone who asks. Thank you Juliet for making this experience an enjoyable one for my daughter!”

Lona J., February 7th, 2018 (Google)

“Ms. Hawk has worked wonderfully with all three of our children over the last three years. She’s tutored them in almost every school subject, for the SAT and ACT, and is currently helping our oldest apply to the UC’s. She’s a personable, professional and effective educator. We’ve come to depend on her for many of our family’s educational needs. We’re very thankful.”

Sandy S., September 5th, 2017 (Thumbtack)

“Juliet jumped right in with very short notice and helped our son tremendously. We are very pleased with her promptness and work ethic. She knows the subjects and gives tips for success!! We can’t say enough great things about her. We will definitely call her for more help. Don’t hesitate. Thanks Juliet!”

Susy B., September 1st, 2017 (Google)

“Juliet worked with my son for six sessions to prep him for the SAT. He improved over 300 points from the PSAT to the SAT. She was always on time and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her.”

Adam K., August 28th, 2017 (Google)

“Ms. Juliet Hawk has been very instrumental in our child’s success.
She is very disciplined, brings a lot of energy to the class, and makes it a very constructive working environment. She knows how to challenge the child to bring out the critical thinking, while reinforcing the right writing skills and teaching how to read purposefully. Very thankful that she continues to play an important role in our child’s educational goals.”

Meena P., June 3rd, 2017 (Google)

“Juliet worked with my son last year during the summer time with SAT prep. She did an awesome job my son took the SAT’s in October. He did very well. He said that Juliet helped him understand how to take the SAT and he was very confident while taking it. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family. Juliet was very professional and easy going and always punctual. Thanks!”

“My daughter met with Juliet for ACT prep to narrow down areas to focus on. Juliet took complicated mathematics and made them easier to understand while also teaching test taking strategies. We will definitely use Juliet again in the future to prepare for SAT and ACT exams.”

“She is very professional and very punctual. She’s also very knowledgeable and recognizes the area of studies that need to be undertaken. She was very dedicated to my daughter to help her study for the SAT test as well as very flexible in her schedule. Overall good investment if you are preparing your child for the SATs.”

Albert A., January 24th, 2017 (Thumbtack)

“I cannot thank Ms. Hawk enough. She is a wonderful tutor. She made my daughter feel very comfortable and confident and it allowed her to really score high in her Sat/Act test. Thanks to Ms. Hawk my daughter’s confidence has grown and that has lead her to writing great research papers for college. I am very thankful for her help and I continue to keep Ms. Hawk posted of my daughter’s continuous progress. Thank you again Ms. Hawk.”

Patricia M., December 30th, 2016 (Google)

“Juliet Hawk is a gifted educator who is organized, professional, knowledgeable and personable. She helped my daughter prepare for her second SAT attempt and both the instruction and encouragement Juliet provided were invaluable to her. My daughter felt that her time spent tutoring with Juliet was very beneficial and she was confident going in to the test. She was able to improve both her critical reading and writing scores the second time around….SUCCESS!!
I would highly recommend Juliet to anyone that has a need for English or test prep tutoring.”

Tina S., December 12th, 2016  (YELP)

“Juliet is professional, funny, and knowledgeable- she teaches writing, math, test prep and has really helped us with college applications for our daughter. Her prices are really reasonable and she is so accommodating. We highly recommend her!”

Anne H. November 30th, 2016 (Google)

“Juliet is a wonderful tutor. I’m so glad I found her. She’s tutoring for ACT and SAT, but I would definitely use her for other school subjects if needed.”

Katherine S., July 21st, 2016 (Thumbtack)

“I hired Juliet to tutor my daughter for her final SAT. We initially hired her for 6 sessions. After the 6 sessions, she was so helpful that we hired her for an additional 6 sessions. My daughter who was initially reticent about using a tutor was sold. Juliet is not only experienced as an educator, but she is knowledgeable about the test and provided the education in a supportive and non-threatening way. She was also flexible, reasonably priced and communicated with me regularly about my daughter’s progress. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Juliet and with another daughter getting ready to start the whole college process, we will use her again.”

Susanne R., September 20th, 2016 (Thumbtack)

“Juliet Hawk is undoubtedly one of the rare gem in the world of tutors! She is excellent in teaching English, dependable, professional, and always with a smile. Although English class is not one of my daughter’s strong subject, she has improved significantly since working with Juliet and is actually excited about her study sessions with Juliet! I can’t ask for more than that in a teenager! Juliet makes everything easily understandable and helps my daughter to communicate her thoughts into a proper essay and at the same time reinforcing grammar rules. Juliet is a five star tutor/educator!! I would truly recommend her.”

Natasha V., May 30, 2016 (YELP)

“Juliet was an exceptional tutor to my son in preparing him for the ACT. She always arrived on time and was accommodating to our schedule. Most importantly of all, Juliet helped my son raise his score more than we were expecting. Her style and strategy helped my son, not only with the ACT test but also with his test taking skills in school.  Hawk Educational Solutions gets two thumbs up!

Thank you Juliet.”

Tom G., May 10th, 2016 (YELP)

“Juliet Hawk exceeded our expectations as a tutor for our daughter. In preparing for the ACT, Juliet helped her increase her scores by thoroughly explaining questions. My daughter appreciated her patience and her attention to detail. From a parent’s standpoint, we feel Juliet went above and beyond to accommodate our daughter’s busy schedule and she was always precisely on time. We recommend her tutoring services to other families.”

Caroline S., on April 4, 2016 (Thumbtack)

“Juliet tutored my younger sister for her SAT. From the first exchange of emails, Juliet was very responsive and professional. She was able to help my sister drill down on her weaknesses and address them head on. She was very patient with her- just what my sister needed to understand and effectively learn new techniques. I would highly recommend Juliet for SAT prep!”

“Ms. Juliet Hawk has been our daughter’s tutor for more than a year. My daughter has improved significantly in English language art. Her Lexile reading level jumped from 500 to 900. We really appreciate Ms Juliet’s effort and tutoring skills.”

“Juliet is awesome. She is professional and so knowledgeable. She gave my 17 year old son confidence and the tools he will need to improve his ACT score. We booked several more sessions immediately. Thank you Juliet!”

Patti M., on January 23, 2016 (Thumbtack)

“Juliet was extremely professional and did an terrific job tutoring our son over the summer prior to taking the ACT and SAT exams. She did an excellent job working with him on the grammar, reading and writing portions of these exams. We definitely noticed quite an improvement and will continue to use Juliet in the future for AP Exams and College applications. We would highly recommend Juliet!”

“Juliet is fabulous! She tutors both my children, son (15) and daughter (13). One for SAT prep and the other for basic writing skills. The child that requires the “basics” has been identified with an Individual Education Plan (IEP). The children have completely different personalities and learning styles yet she is able to adapt and personalize the curriculum for their needs. She is very personable, dependable and extremely professional. My children absolutely love her. My daughter says, “she should get a million stars – she is exquisite”. I highly recommend her services.”

“Juliet Hawk is an amazing educator. She helped my daughter prepare for the SAT and both her instruction and encouragement were invaluable to my daughter!! She felt that her time spent tutoring with Juliet was very beneficial and she was confident going into the test. Juliet is very organized, professional, knowledgeable and personable! I would highly recommend her to any of my friends that have a need for English or test prep tutoring. We’ll be calling her again when it’s time to prepare for the AP Lit test!! Thank you Juliet for your help!”

“I highly recommend Juliet Hawk to anyone looking for a reading/writing tutor. She is working with two of my children, one to achieve the highest possible SAT results, and the other to improve reading comprehension and writing skills. Juliet is smart, genuine, and professional. She clearly loves her work and her enthusiasm is contagious.”

“Juliet is a superb educator. She’s been working with my 3rd grader for some months now and he has greatly improved in reading and writing. Ms. Hawk is very professional, and always prompt. I Highly recommend her for all your tutoring needs.”

“Juliet has raised the bar for me in terms of what a tutor can be. I’m an average high school senior who needed some help learn the basics of reading and writing for the SAT and help getting organized for college applications. Since the day I met her she had an organized efficient plan of exactly what we’d and the work we’ve done has significantly brought up my SAT score, organization, and confidence by a landslide. I haven’t gotten the value I get from sessions with Juliet from anyone else. I get coaching at my own (slower than normal) pace yet stay engaged with what we’re doing. Couldn’t recommend anyone more for any type or English help, SAT help, or just help organizing! Learning more and more every session from a tutor who is very patient with me and keeps me on track.”

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