SAT Boot Camp 101: Fly High with Hawk Education

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SAT Boot Camp 101- The Basics

This 3 Hour SAT Saturday Boot Camp Introduces Every Aspect of the Exam:

Hour 1: Evidence Based Reading, and Writing and Language (AKA the English Section of the SAT)

Hour 2: Math, Math, Math! (The No Calculator and Calculator sections, so bring your Calculator!)

Hour 3: The Big Bad Essay

Who’s Teaching SAT Boot Camp 101?

CA Credentialed Teacher and Test Prep Expert and Juliet Hawk of course!

Who Should Attend?

Any prospective college student 8th-12th grade who has completed Algebra 2/ Trig or Integrated Math II.

How Many Students Will Be in the Room?

We believe in small class sizes, so 11 students are our max!

Where is it?

San Diego’s Mission Valley Public Library

2123 Fenton Pkwy

San Diego, CA 92108

Seminar Room B

When is it?

Check in: 10:15 am

Class Time: 10:30-1:30 pm

Parent/ Student Q&A: 1:30-1:45 pm

What’s the Cost?

$149 per student, including all SAT Boot Camp course materials!

How do I Register and Pay?

RSVP by Friday July 27th at

All payments for the course are due in full no later than Wednesday August 1st.

All payments are accepted through PayPal. Click here! [wp_cart_button name=”SAT Boot Camp 101 Course Fee” price=”$149.00″] .


If you Have Any Questions Call Us On 619-300-7231