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Juliet Hawk

For 2 decades, I have vigorously pursued a diverse professional repertoire, traveling the inroads of education, the non-profit sector, and freelance writing in the following capacities:

  • Credentialed public classroom teaching
  • High school administration as a principal and college counselor
  • Private College Consultant
  • Public and private SAT Tutor
  • Individual and small group tutoring
  • Small business ownership
  • Poetry, short story, newspaper op ed, and memoir publication

My agregate background has enhanced my abilities to convey complex subject matter, teach a host of test taking strategies and academic skills, and offer sound college planning and essay guidance.

Juliet: Experience and Education

During the 2000’s, I earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree while serving San Diego Unified School District and Arlington Public Schools in Virginia as a multi-subject elementary, middle and high school substitute teacher. After receiving a Master’s Degree in English Literature and Composition from George Mason University, I served Covenant House Washington as a Youth Leadership Development Trainer for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program. Specifically, I worked with socioeconomically underrepresented youth in Anacostia Washington, DC with respect to personal conduct, English and math enrichment, and vocal performance.

I also waded into the Washington DC’s non-profit sector in 2006 when I was hired as the Emergency Preparedness Administrative and Program Assistant for the National Organization on Disability, now located in New York.  I loved consulting with hundreds of individuals with disabilities from every walk of life, many seeking resources, which ranged from medical devices and mental health services to establishing an evacuation plan in case of home or office flooding during hurricane season. But, since teaching runs in my blood, off I went 10,000 miles around the globe!

In 2007, I leapt back into “the fight on the front lines” of education and relocated to Taipei, Taiwan where I worked with Berlitz  as an ESL teacher, TOEFL test prep instructor and business English course curriculum designer. I was also fortunate to travel to Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Thailand where I absorbed international and local culture.

After returning to the United States in 2009, education sought me out again! I figured that I might as well make my career as an educator official, so I enrolled in San Diego State’s post-graduate  CA teaching credential programs. In addition to my rigorous course load, I was employed in several capacities; I student taught diverse inner city teens at San Diego High School, coached special needs students on the Autism Spectrum, and worked as an SAT/ACT test prep, general literacy and writing instructor. I don’t recall getting much shut eye during this pivotal period, but that chronic on the go lifestyle has proven well worth it!

Since graduating in 2010, I have supported a varied student demographic as a middle school biology and physical science teacher in San Diego, and an Honors English Language Arts teacher and high school principal in Oakland, CA.

I’ve also carved out some petite periods of time to publish original short stories and poetry in San Diego Community College’s City Works Journal, contribute several editorial pieces to Oakland’s East Bay Express, and write a few original songs along my merry way. Of course, editing countless essays, articles and academic papers over the years has forced me to develop a flare for meticulous grammar and word choice!

Credentials and Degrees
San Diego State University
George Mason University
San Diego State University

Credentials and Degrees

In 2014, I ventured home to my native San Diego where I established my educational consulting business, Hawk Educational Solutions, much to the concern of some who value a secure job working for someone else. Been there, done that! So here we are, going on 4 years and bringing on talented staff!

Through continued professional development, blood, sweat, and a few well deserved tears, I’ve engineered effective instructional techniques and curricula, quality client rapport, and top rated service at affordable rates.

I’ve literally made it my business to prepare our next generation of scholars and brilliant minds with the invaluable skills they need to secure university success! So let’s get started!

The Private Educator and Business Owner

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