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The idea of writing a personal essay for college strikes fear into the hearts of many bright, young San Diego students. It's a difficult feeling to admit, but let's be honest: a huge part of applying to colleges is confronting and overcoming fear.

What if you don't write an effective college application essay? A personal college counselor makes sure you have every advantage when you're applying to your dream school. Private essay counseling is valuable beyond your application, too. Unlike many high schools, college isn't multiple choice. It's about learning to see connections from one thing to another, to understand how different ideas can be related to each other. And that's where a personal college counselor can help.

Let Our Private College Counselors Help You With Your Essay Writing

Even a student who is a strong writer will benefit from experienced essay help from a personal college counselor. If you're already paying processing fees to apply to many schools, you may wonder whether paying for essay help for a college essay tutor, or other services available from our independent college counselors, is worth it.

Think Of College Essay Help As Insurance

A student may be an excellent writer — but they're not writing essays for their high school teachers anymore. They're writing for college admissions that are limited to start with, and they're writing for scholarships that are even fewer. They're writing for college admissions professionals who have read a thousand essays just like theirs, and who will read that student's essay along with dozens, if not hundreds, of other essays this year alone. A personal college counselor who gives you an edge when writing for scholarships is insurance against massive student loans or not getting into your dream school at all. (Read more about how college bound consulting, including essay help, is a game-changer for making you competitive for acceptance and later for greater success in school.

Our Admissions Consultants Provide College Essay Help For Your Individual Needs

Our college essay services range from essay composition and proofreading to full content critiques, all of it developed specifically for your learning style for college essay writing help:

  • Our basic essay proofreading service includes a thorough check of your college admissions essay for typos and grammatical errors, and is best for those with an essay near completion.
  • Our standard essay editing service combines proofreading with constructive critique and revision of your college application essay based around your college essay's structure, content, and tone.
  • Our most comprehensive college essay service includes brainstorming, hands-on composition, a critique, guided revision, final proofreading — everything you need to write a winning college essay.
  • We also work with students and standardized tests, with college essay writing help for the ACT and SAT's essay section, too.
  • Let us create a custom college essay package for you, including admissions consulting for one or all of your applications, along with the college essay services necessary for each.

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We offer help in:

  • Academic applications
  • Statements of purpose
  • Personal statements
  • Academic essays
  • And more

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