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Rigorous K-12 and university academic standards, grueling course loads and college entrance exams, and the increasingly competitive college admission’s process continue to inform our adaptable and personalized approach to college planning, test prep, college admissions essays, and private tutoring. We strive to accommodate all students at every level of achievement

Our Courses

From college entrance exams test preparation through to preparing for standard tests, we can help your child prepare for a broad range of subjects.
SAT Prep
If you’ve heard everyone clamoring about the SAT but feel totally lost, don’t despair. Hawk Educational Solutions offers all the SAT help your child needs.
ACT Prep
Hawk Educational Solutions has all the ACT help your child needs, including ACT coaching and practice tests.
Need college essay help? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve gathered a few tips and tricks to get you started.
A college admissions counselor shepherds you and your child through the undertaking to find the best overall institutional fit

The Owner

As one of San Diego’s experienced and effective educators, Juliet Hawk has accomplished two decades of professional experience:

  • CA Credentialed Public Classroom Teacher
  • PSAT/ SAT/ACT Test Prep Instructor
  • College Consultant and Counselor
  • High School Principal/ Site Director
  • Multiple Subject Private Tutor
  • Writer and Editor

Passionate and dedicated, Juliet and her team of test prep instructors, college consultants, and private tutors offer effective results-driven services that promote genuine progress for K-12 university-bound students.

With passionate persistence, every student is capable of “soaring toward success!”

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The Sensei: Group College Guidance Seminars

Plan a college info event at a school, library, or community center. Get an overview of college expectations, best test-taking strategies, and college planning tips. Rates vary per student number and location.

Master of Organization: Study Skills, Organizational, and Homework Coaching

We provide academic mentoring in areas that are often overlooked in the classroom. We help learners of all ages ramp up retention and critical thinking with organized note-taking, memory games, flashcards, Quizlets, and more. $75/ hour, $70/ your on 10 or more hours

The Stellar Scholar: K-12 Multiple Subject Tutoring in English, Math, Science, and AP Courses

English, Common Core Integrated Math, and AP classes- You name it, we’ve got it! $75/ hour, $70/ your on 10 or more hours

The Collegiate Captain – College Application, Financial Aid, and College Admissions Essay Guidance

We offer full-service or “à la carte” college consulting: College Selection Applications FAFSA Scholarship Research College Admissions Essay Planning, Revision, and Editing $149/ hour, $135 hour on 10 or more hours

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