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Quarantine is difficult, to put it mildly. Taking care of your kids 24/7 is exhausting. Keeping them on the right track with their education, though, just got a lot easier.

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Our online private tutors in San Diego focus on middle and high school students, primarily, along with university distance learning and homeschooling, in a variety of school subjects.

Our English tutors, math tutors, essay writing coaches, and more are experienced in the curricula of San Diego area schools, with a focus on building a transcript for college prep:

Algebra (incl. college algebra) • Anthropology • Essay writing (incl. college essay and college application essays) • Geometry • History (incl. AP U.S. History and AP World History) • Math • Math (integrated) • Philosophy • Psychology • Sociology • Trigonometry • And more

Get tutoring for essay writing to be a better candidate for college admissions — and a better student, too

Students write essays for college applications. They write essays in college — in science, history, and other subjects in addition to English. How they write determines their academic career and thus their job prospects, building a business, and just about every aspect of the working world.

We specialize in English and language arts. Essays aren’t multiple-choice. We teach rules for writing effective college essays, and we also teach creativity and making quicker connections with essay themes and supporting evidence.

Preparing middle school and high school students for college-level writing is only one of the advantages of our essay writing tutors. The strategies students learn can help them improve performance right now in current classes in different subjects. Essay coaching is one of our most popular services — especially with finals coming up!

Our language arts and English tutors teach students valuable skills like:

Start ACT and SAT test prep classes now

Most colleges require either the ACT test or the SAT test as a prerequisite for admission. Testing may resume as early as August 2020. Let us advise you on whether ACT test prep classes or SAT test prep classes are right for you and your dream schools.

The College Board plans to launch a digital SAT exam in the fall if in-person testing doesn’t resume before then. Our ACT and SAT test prep classes review subject area materials as well as test-taking strategies for standardized tests. (The ACT and SAT are designed to trick you.) Learn more about ACT test prep classes and SAT test prep classes below.

Let our college admissions counselors handle the stress of applying to college

Choosing a school, developing a competitive transcript, writing essays — our college admissions counselors can help you with many different aspects of applications. They can even manage the whole application process for you — paperwork, deadlines, and more.

Our counselors have experience with the selection criteria of major colleges and universities. They can advise you on what you need, specifically, to get into your dream school. Some colleges prefer well-rounded students, for example, while others seek candidates with narrower interests in specialist subjects. (Applying to college is closer to a job interview than a request for academic enrollment.)

Our Courses

Learn how to take standardized tests, like college entrance exams and subject area tests. These strategies work for classroom tests, too!
SAT Prep
Prepare to take the SAT. Review subject areas (Reading, Writing and Language, Math With and Without Calculator) and learn how to take the SAT so you score high.
ACT Prep
Prepare to take the ACT. Review subject areas (English, Math, Reading, Science) and learn how to take the ACT to perform your best.
See tips and tricks for writing essays for college admissions tests. (These strategies work for other college-level essays, too!)
Let one of our expert college admissions counselors help you one-on-one with applications, financial aid, preparing a transcript, and more.

The Owner

Our successful results for ACT and SAT test prep courses, as well as test prep classes for different aspects of college entrance exams, come from years of experience in teaching and education leadership.

As one of San Diego’s experienced and effective educators, Juliet Hawk has accomplished two decades of professional experience:

  • CA Credentialed Public Classroom Teacher
  • PSAT/ SAT/ACT Test Prep Instructor
  • College Consultant and Counselor
  • High School Principal/ Site Director
  • Multiple Subject Private Tutor
  • Writer and Editor

Passionate and dedicated, Juliet and her team of test prep instructors, college consultants, and private tutors offer effective results-driven services that promote genuine progress for K-12 university-bound students.

With passionate persistence, every student is capable of “soaring toward success!”

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The Sensei: Group College Guidance Seminars

Plan a college info event at a school, library, or community center. Get an overview of college expectations, best test-taking strategies, and college planning tips. Rates vary per student number and location.

Master of Organization: Study Skills, Organizational, and Homework Coaching

We provide academic mentoring in areas that are often overlooked in the classroom. We help learners of all ages ramp up retention and critical thinking with organized note-taking, memory games, flashcards, Quizlets, and more. $75/ hour, $70/ hour with 10 or more hours

The Stellar Scholar: K-12 Multiple Subject Tutoring in English, Math, Science, and AP Courses

English, Common Core Integrated Math, and AP classes- You name it, we’ve got it! $75/ hour, $70/ hour with 10 or more hours

The Collegiate Captain – College Application, Financial Aid, and College Admissions Essay Guidance

We offer full-service or “à la carte” college consulting: College Selection Applications FAFSA Scholarship Research College Admissions Essay Planning, Revision, and Editing $149/ hour, $135/ hour with 10 or more hours

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