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It's here. You've been working for it almost your whole life, and now it's here.


College is more than just “education," books and classes and exams. College shapes the trajectory of your career. College is meeting and networking with new people who will become your friends, colleagues, and mentors. College is new experiences and unexpected opportunities. College is a fresh look at the future you want to make for yourself — and our college consulting services in San Diego can help you make it happen.

Your personal college counselor takes the guesswork out of your application process

More than 10 million students apply to college every year. Nearly all of them have good grades, high test scores, and lengthy lists of extracurricular activities. And the more exclusive the university or college, the fewer spots that are available, and the competition that much more intense — and college placement consulting that much more vital to your acceptance.

See what extracurriculars deliver the most impact for your college goals

activities • community service • internships

Catch up on classes (or stay ahead)

K-12 and college tutoring • bridge programs • college math placement test prep • college English placement test prep • SAT, ACT, and PSAT test prep • summer classes

Learn how to write

college application essays • resumes • cover letters • biographies and personal statements

And more!


Save money on tuition with our private college admissions consultant

Applying to college is critical. The right college for you is crucial. You only want to enroll in college once. There's too much at stake for you to go it on your own. Tuition is expensive even at a state college. A college counselor helps you ask the right questions to choose a school and course of study. Changing your major can keep you in school longer and cost more money. Experienced college placement consulting keeps you from disrupting everything you've worked for.

Applying to college is complicated. You don't have the time or the energy to manage all the research, stacks of paperwork, college application essays, and scholarships and financial aid that will determine whether you can afford to go to college at all. One misstep can topple all of it. Your own college placement counselor is your single point of contact for every aspect of applying to your dream school.

Applying to college is time-consuming. You're already busy with classes, even final exams if you're a high school senior. You're wrapping up extracurriculars. Our admissions consulting takes applying to college off your plate and lets you concentrate on finishing a successful senior year in high school.

Applying to college is stressful. Even if you are able to handle all your college applications yourself, you'll still benefit from a second set of eyes on everything you're doing. A private college counselor helps you minimize errors and optimize opportunities you might not see.


Write a college application essay that sets you apart

Your college admissions essay is your voice. It's your life experiences. It's your opportunity to make your individual and unique case for acceptance into a college or university. And a college essay writing tutor helps you put it all together in one irresistible candidate — you.

Writing about yourself, wanting to be sincere but not too self-serving, is a difficult task. The first step is deciding what to write about. Your college essay writing consultant shows you how to develop ideas before typing a single letter. Your critical thinking will be sharper, your structure and outlines clearer, your word choices more vivid and persuasive.

One of our college essay counselors will review your previous writing in different subjects and coach you in your strengths and help strengthen your weaknesses. Not only will you be prepared to write a winning college application essay, but our college essay help gives you a new set of skills for more college writing in the future.


Take advantage of K-12 and college-level tutoring

Algebra (incl. college algebra) • Anthropology • Essay writing help (incl. college essay and college application essays) • Geometry • History (incl. AP U.S. History and AP World History) • Math • Math (integrated) • Philosophy • Psychology • Sociology • Trigonometry • And more!


Get ready for Test-Taking with ACT prep, SAT prep, and more

The ACT, SAT, and PSAT may be the most important tests you've ever taken. Their results determine what schools will admit you, what degree programs will accept you, what scholarships you're eligible for, and more.

Our SAT prep classes and ACT prep classes help you master what's on the tests and, just as important, how to take them and other standardized tests.

Because no two students are the same, with the same interests and ambitions, we personalize your ACT and SAT test prep based on your future academic pursuits and what's right for you.

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Enroll in a complete ACT or SAT prep course or take ACT/SAT prep classes only for the areas you need

Colleges and universities here in San Diego and across the U.S. accept both ACT and SAT test admissions. We advise you on the best test for you and your academic goals.

SAT test prep is focused more in language arts, for example, with an overall concentration on logic and reasoning. ACT test prep, however, might be better for students in advanced math and science.

You may think you only need help in certain areas. You're solid with math and science, say, but reading and writing is a little wobbly. We can recommend the best ACT test prep classes in its subject areas (English, Math, Reading, Science) and the best SAT test prep classes in its subject areas (Reading, Writing and Language, Math With and Without Calculator).

Compete for National Merit Scholarships with the PSAT

PSAT test prep gives high-school sophomores and juniors a preview of how to take tests, like the later SAT and ACT, to assess performance. Plus high scorers on the PSAT are eligible for National Merit Scholarships.

In 2019, 30 students from here in San Diego County were awarded scholarships of $2,500 each. So don't think of the PSAT as just a “trial run" for the next year's SAT and ACT — think of it as an opportunity to earn money for your future.

Learn better and score higher on classroom tests, standardized tests, and more

Test-taking in college and the high-school years before college is intense. That's because the goals are a little different. These tests measure what you know as a student now, in San Diego — but they're also designed to predict your performance in a world of possibilities.

Our prep classes for reading and writing tests, as well as for math and college math placement, get you ready for them. We give you a comprehensive review of the subject areas you need, and we also show you how to apply these techniques in more specific areas like science or business administration.

Our successful results for ACT and SAT test prep courses, as well as test prep classes for different aspects of college entrance exams, come from years of experience in teaching and education leadership.

As one of San Diego’s experienced and effective educators, Juliet Hawk has accomplished two decades of professional experience:

  • CA Credentialed Public Classroom Teacher
  • PSAT/ SAT/ACT Test Prep Instructor
  • College Consultant and Counselor
  • High School Principal/ Site Director
  • Multiple Subject Private Tutor
  • Writer and Editor

Passionate and dedicated, Juliet and her team of test prep instructors, college consultants, and private tutors offer effective results-driven services that promote genuine progress for K-12 university-bound students.

With passionate persistence, every student is capable of “soaring toward success!”

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