See Your College Admissions Counselor’s Tips for Your Freshman Year

It can be difficult for some students to move away from loved ones at the start of college. There are many ways to prepare for this new college life, including college tutoring, for the students worried about this transition. Following are some tips that can help new university students take the first step of their success journey.

Cultivate Good Reading Habits

College study is more advanced than high school and requires more reading. Our San Diego college prep consulting services help you develop better reading habits to get used to the upcoming workload. Some colleges suggest books to read before the start of the semester, which are then included in introductory courses for students to study. Your college admissions counselor can assist you with such lists and even recommend related books and articles that can help you get the jump on your classroom competition. You probably will be asked to write about what you read, so a college essay writing tutor is a great idea, too.

Explore College Majors

It is difficult to select your major. That’s why many colleges offer other courses rather than majors at the start of your studies. However, college students need to explore their interests beforehand to advance in university academics. Your college admissions counselor can guide you based on your current coursework and personal interests. You may not even be aware of terrific majors suited for you and your goals. What’s more, your college essay tutor can advise on majors that require much more writing than others, and if you don’t think your college essay writing skills are to the task, your college essay counselor can help you prepare yourself.

Focus on Skills Development

Colleges understand the value of good communication skills, which are useful in coursework and even more vital to the workplace and other aspects of your future life. Our independent college admissions counselors and tutors can practice with you on activities in the curriculum that involve interaction between different individuals. Communication skills, especially college essay writing, are important for jobs and internships, and our college essay tutors prepare you for both, in summer and after graduation.

Practice Time Management

College brings a different kind of independence than high school. College social and intellectual standards are tough for even the most well-rounded student to meet. One of the most critical skills your college prep consultant can tutor you in is time management — in class, at home, even on tests and timed college essays.

Learn to Manage Your Finances

Studying in college comes with more expenses than one’s expectations. Due to this reason, it becomes difficult for students to keep things on a budget. Your college prep tutor can show you how to manage your finances, including how student loans and other financial aid affect your budget. Many studies can’t be efficiently managed even with a part-time job, so for the convenience of students, many colleges have work-study programs. Your college counselor can show you these programs that allow students to work and study at the same time.

Stay in Contact with the Financial Aid Office

If you are facing a financial crisis and are worried about paying your college fees, then your college’s financial aid office can help you best in this regard as it helps needy students. If you are eligible to apply for financial aid, then you should do so by writing an appeal letter, with help from your college admissions counselor or your college essay writing consultant. Your college counselor or essay tutor also can show you how to contact the financial aid department of your college and request more fee concessions according to your needs.

Get in Touch With Professors Before Classes Start

A strong relationship with college or university professors can prove to be in the best interest of students to embark on success. Our college prep consulting services include showing you how to contact your course instructors for further advice on putting your best foot forward.

Get Involved

Colleges provide many forums and opportunities for students to explore their hidden talents and polish existing ones. Your private college counselor can prepare you for exploring your interests and advise you on how to take advantage of these opportunities.

Seek On-Campus Academic Help

You may need college consulting even after you’re on campus and school is in session. Many colleges offer essay writing help, and your own college essay tutor can direct you to such resources. College libraries offer helpful staff and similar resources for different kinds of study.

College life doesn’t end after the first year as you settle. Your college prep tutor can show you how to locate similar services on campus and avail yourself of different resources. Good luck!

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