Fix Your A.I.-Written Essays with Your College Essay Tutor

Artificial Intelligence like ChatGPT and other AI are impacting high school and college students in some not-unexpected ways. More and more San Diego students are using AI for research and essays in college admissions, but our college essay tutors here in San Diego note that many chatbots return misinformation and other problems for applicants.

When AI produces irrelevant information and disinformation, our college essay consultants help students rewrite their essays to resubmit them for a higher grade. Because AI failed to capture the right information for the work, essay tutors help college applicants write supplemental essays.

Distinguishing between a college essay written by artificial intelligence (AI) and one composed by a human college applicant can be a nuanced task, requiring keen observation and linguistic analysis. Your college admissions essay is hugely important, second maybe only to your grades in San Diego high schools. At competitive colleges and universities, every top applicant has terrific grades, so your essay may be the deciding factor in whether to admit you. While AI technology has made impressive strides in generating coherent text, there are several discernible characteristics that can betray its non-human origin.

Consistency in Tone and Style:

One of the primary indicators of an AI-written essay for college admissions is the consistent tone and style maintained throughout the text. Because AI-generated content tends to exhibit a uniformity that lacks the natural fluctuations typical of human expression, our essay tutors work with applicants to infuse their college essays with emotion, personal anecdotes, or varying degrees of formality.

Absence of Human Errors or Quirks:

Human writers are prone to making typographical errors, grammatical mistakes, and other idiosyncratic quirks that contribute to the individuality of their writing. In contrast, AI-generated essays are characterized by their near-flawless execution, with impeccable grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The absence of these human errors can sometimes be a giveaway that the text has been generated by a machine rather than composed by a human hand.

Unusual Vocabulary or Phrasing:

AI algorithms may occasionally produce text containing uncommon or overly formal vocabulary and phrasing that seems out of place in the context of the essay topic. Our college essay consultants help you tailor your essay’s diction to suit the intended audience and purpose of their writing. AI-generated content may lack this adaptability, resulting in the use of vocabulary or syntax that feels unnatural or stilted.

Generic Content or Lack of Original Insights:

Another telltale sign of AI-generated college essays is the presence of generic content that lacks original insights or unique perspectives. While AI can synthesize information from various sources, your AI-written college admissions essay may not provide innovative ideas or creative interpretations that reflect genuine human creativity or expertise. Our college essay tutors help you choose personal insights from your own life to display your personality and goals. That’s how colleges determine whether applicants are right for their school and their other students.

While AI technology has made remarkable advancements in text generation, there are still discernible differences between college essays written by AI and those composed by human applicants. By paying attention to these subtle cues and nuances, one can develop a keen eye for distinguishing between machine-generated content and the genuine expression of human intellect and creativity.

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