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The Test Prep Lowdown- A Brief Summary

Even when your student’s school is nothing short of excellent, it’s difficult for schools to meet every academic intricacy of every student. Unfortunately, this becomes clear when universities compare the scores of those students who’ve pursued test prep and those who haven’t. While students who aren’t versed in the art of test taking may revisit key academic concepts in class, students who have access to a qualified test prep teacher benefit more from the insights of one-on-one coaching with an expert. An excellent test prep instructor, such as our professionals here at Hawk Educational Solutions, will identify where your student’s test taking needs are and where they already excel.

Using their discoveries, test prep instructors create a personalized program that facilitates your student’s success on college entrance exams. Qualified instructors also help your child adapt to the testing format, which means students walk into their test fully prepared for what’s ahead.

Research demonstrates that there’s a statistically significant difference between those who’ve completed a private one-on-one test prep program. According to a 2015 Johns Hopkins University study, individual, private test prep works for students of all backgrounds while large cram classes and school led test prep seminars are generally ineffective for the the majority of students. After engaging in custom SAT and ACT prep sessions, students who take college entrance exams for the second time significantly exceed their original scores, anywhere from 50-300 points on the SAT.

Test Prep LowDown- Is This Really Necessary?

But really, why bother? For many, test prep is expensive, time consuming and a useless added obstacle barring college entrance. Let’s address all three concerns:

  • Test prep is expensive, but its worth it. According to Cost Helper Education, “Private tutoring for the SAT typically costs $75-$250 per hour.” To minimize costs, students should do more work on their own, and pair up or join a small group.
  • Test prep is time consuming? Of course it is, but anything worth achieving generally is. So how often and how much time should a student devote to his endeavor?

Prep Expert

You should study for the SAT every day over the course of a few months. Make the SAT your biggest priority after family and school work, and do your studying on a consistent schedule. You should also take timed practice tests on a weekly basis.
  • The SAT and ACT are nonsense tests designed to impede the collegiate aspirations of our youth. This is a half-truth: While the SAT and ACT do function as the gatekeepers to college acceptance (to an extent), they do perform a vital function. Since not all schools are equal, not all grades or GPA’s are either. As a result, most universities require a “standard” means to measure skills and abilities whereby they can more accurately compare applicants.

The Importance of College Entrance Exams Beyond the Test

If you’d rather your student achieve their target score sooner rather than later, employing reputable test prep practitioners, such as Hawk Educational Solutions will work to your advantage. Together, we can ensure that your student advances toward their academic goals, making their future brighter with every test prep lesson.

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