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To some, trying to learn math is like trying to comprehend a foreign language. No matter how long you stare, squint, and ponder a math problem, it simply does not make sense. Unfortunately, no matter how math-phobic you are, you still need to take the math section on the SAT.

If you are someone who struggles with math, before taking the SAT it is essential that you figure out what type of math is on the SAT and how to dominate it. The only way to do so is by taking an SAT preparation course, and Hawk Educational Solutions offers the best SAT prep classes in San Diego. Below, we outline what type of math is on the SAT and offer tips to find success, but to learn more contact Hawk Educational Solutions today by calling (619) 300-7231.

What Type of Math is on the SAT?

The key to finding success is knowing what type of math is on the SAT. Below are some of the common math topics and the level of math found on the SAT.


Questions in the Algebra section primarily will ask students questions relating to inequalities, linear equations, graphs, and functions. Questions will involve multiple-step equations, interpreting data on a graph, and simplifying complex equations. Both Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 will be addressed in this section.

Advanced Math

Advanced level of math questions focus on nonlinear expressions. Solving these questions will require you to work with word problems, exponential expressions, and quadratic equations. You also may be asked to analyze graphs or to determine how an equation would plot on a graph.

Problem Solving and Data Analysis

Problem-solving and data analysis questions ask you to evaluate ratios, percentages, rates, and other data from tables and graphs. You will solve multi-step problems involving ratios and percentages, as well as analyze data on a scatterplot or other type of table or graph.

Other Math Topics

The first three sections make up a majority of the SAT math topics. The final 10% of your SAT math section will focus on other math topics, including trigonometry, geometry, using complex numbers, and other new SAT math topics. Questions may ask you to determine the volume of a shape, determine the length of a specified side of a triangle, and solve geometric problems.

How to Dominate the SAT Math Section

Even if you are not a math whiz, you can still dominate the SAT math section. The SAT has specific types of questions they ask, worded in a way that differs from the math problems you are asked to solve in the classroom. The key to finding success is practice.

Taking an SAT practice test will allow you to see what type of math is on the SAT, familiarizing yourself with the different math topics and the level of math on the test. After you take a few practice tests, you then need to analyze your results to find out your strengths and weaknesses. That way, you can try to master the math topics you tend to struggle with while spending less time preparing for the level of math you understand.

Along with taking a practice test, you also need to learn test-taking strategies to help you optimize your time and mental energy during the test. That is why it is so essential to take an SAT test prep course. Not only will SAT prep provide practice tests and help you analyze your results, but they will also provide instruction and practice to help you master the techniques needed to dominate the SAT math section.

Learn to Master SAT Math Topics at Hawk Educational Solutions

If you struggle with math and want to know what type of math is on the SAT, Hawk Educational Solutions can help. We have a team of SAT experts who are well-versed in the level of math and math topics on the SAT, helping students master complicated subjects like Algebra 2 and trigonometry. If you are interested in learning more about what type of math is on the SAT or new SAT math topics, contact Hawk Educational Solutions in San Diego today by calling (619) 300-7231.

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