See How College Admissions Counseling Is a Game-Changer

Helping high school students navigate the complex college admissions process is one of many job requirements for high school guidance counselors, but when the public high school student-to-counselor ratio is around 150 to 1, it’s difficult for most students to receive individualized attention and comprehensive assistance. 

Independent college counselors, by contrast, are more than just a resource for information and guidance on the admission process. With one-on-one help, counselors can be a game-changer in a student’s ability to achieve their goals in the increasingly competitive world of college admissions. Here’s how:

Insider knowledge of school admissions counseling

Many independent college admission counselors have experience working inside an actual college admissions office, giving them a unique insider’s perspective on what admissions officers are looking for in an applicant and how they evaluate application essays. Even without experience within a college admissions office, college counselors have years of experience shepherding students through the process, offering insights and strategies far beyond what’s available from a high school guidance counselor.

Strategic planning years in advance

Although the college application process takes place during a student’s senior year of high school, college admission counselors can help younger students strategize for future applications. From planning which classes to take and deciding which extracurricular activities are most beneficial, to identifying academic areas that need improvement, counselors can help students prepare for college ahead of time so they’re confident when senior year arrives.   

Finding and comparing colleges

Many students have “dream” colleges in mind long before the application process. The best college counseling will take a realistic look at each student’s academic interests and career goals to help compare options and narrow down the list. After students apply to their list of “dream” schools, “best match” schools, and “safety” schools and start to receive acceptance letters, counselors can help compare programs and financial aid packages to help students make the right college choice.

Navigating the application process

Applying to colleges is quite stressful and involves plenty of planning and deadlines. College admission counselors take much of the stress off students’ plates so they can focus on their last year of high school. In addition to help with filling out college applications and overseeing timely submissions, counselors can organize the collection of letters of recommendation, help draft and review personal essays—including which subjects and themes are overused or inappropriate—and assist with interview preparation. 

Helping applicants rise to the top

The best colleges and universities in the U.S. only accept about 5 to 10 percent of all applicants, making the college application process one of the most competitive exercises a student will ever face. With so many applicants to choose from, colleges are obviously looking for the best potential additions to their student body, but it’s important to note that preferences vary. Some colleges prefer well-rounded students, while others look for focused achievement in a particular subject or activity. College admissions counselors can help students rise to the top of the applicant pile for their carefully selected list of colleges, vastly improving their chances of acceptance.

College Admissions Counselor in San Diego

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