7 Reasons Why You Need a Personal College Counselor

Your child is a freshman in high school.

It’s really never too early to begin thinking about college, especially once a student is already in high school. Our college admissions counselors can help right from the start and develop a strategy to get your child into their dream school. That’s why Hawk Educational Solutions offers tutoring for students of all grade levels. It’s not just the material that students learn for standardized tests that’s important. Our college consultants provide reliable study habits and test-taking strategies to both improve a student’s performance and bolster self-confidence.

Your child performs well in school, but college applications are overwhelming.

Even gifted students need to find the right college match where they can pursue their academic strengths and make an easy transition to living away from home. As well as helping build a preferred college shortlist, we can make sure test scores are sent to the right institutions, review the personal essay, and go over any financial aid information that might help you. And even perfect students can benefit from essay help with our college counselors, as essays become a larger and larger part of college work.

Your child wants to be accepted at an Ivy League or other top-tier school.

While there are no guarantees of being accepted at any school, working with our college admissions counselors increases your child’s likelihood of enrolling at an Ivy League or other prominent school. We will work with your child to achieve the highest test scores and cumulative GPA possible, as well as to find ideal college matches, prepare for interviews, and submit competitive applications. If your child is not academically at the level of or interested in an Ivy League school, we can help you find colleges that offer a host of benefits, cost effectiveness and atmosphere best suited to your student’s needs and goals.

Your child may be eligible for academic or extracurricular scholarships.

College scholarships can be game changers, helping students attend top institutions and defraying college expenses. Our college admissions consultants can work with you to apply for scholarships and make sure that your child can handle the coursework wherever they enroll. You should consider whether any school would still be a good match should your child no longer participate in the activity for which they receive a scholarship.

You have more than one child in college.

This is not uncommon. Your college consultant keeps you current with forms and deadlines so you’re not overwhelmed by the whole applications process. And we create strategies that increase the probability of each child finishing college within your desired time frame, typically four years. We can offer discounted group study and test prep sessions for your children to help save on time and expense for you.

Your child is a below-average student.

Hawk Educational Solutions works with all students, no matter where they are academically. Our admissions counselors can help remedial students move up when the challenge is staying organized, utilizing good study habits, or having more direction over coursework. Also, there are colleges available for nearly every level of academic achievement. We can collaborate with you and your child to build a college list that meets their likelihood of acceptance, so they can pursue their dreams and goals for the future.

Your child is great at some subjects but performs poorly in others.

Lots of students are a bit imbalanced this way. We can help boost scores in weaker subjects by using test preparation classes and teaching test-taking strategies. We can also find colleges for your child that allow them to focus on their strengths, to minimize frustration and place the bulk of their academic energy where it will reap the greatest benefits.

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