Your Private College Counselor’s Guide to Early Action and Early Decision College Applications

Early action and early decision applications show college admissions committees that a student is ready to commit to a path forward. Your own private college counselor here in San Diego can help you prepare for these important applications and write with confidence. Some early action and early decision deadlines are restrictive, but our college bound consulting services can help you understand what these advanced applications entail before deciding whether they are the right avenue for your college application process.

The goal of this blog is to demystify these options, but we recommend consulting your own private college counselor to make a plan. And as always, the earlier, the better!

Key Takeaways:

When choosing to apply for early action deadlines, students apply early and receive a decision well before the school’s regular response date. A key distinction is that MOST early action applications do NOT require a commitment to attend upon acceptance. (Ask your private college counselor about the policies of your dream schools.) Applicants can apply for as many other schools as they like, without binding commitments.

Early Action – What You Need to Know

Walter Caffey, Vice President of Enrollment and Dean of Admissions and Student Aid at Wheaton College told U.S. News that students who pursue early action “try to get a decision earlier in the process as compared to the regular admission process so that they can understand where they stand with some of these schools that are at the top of their list.” Even with early action applications, accepted applicants must give the college a decision by May 1, the designated national response deadline. So it’s essential to work with your private college counselor to choose schools in advance that you can pledge to continue your education.

Program specifics vary, so students should get information as soon as possible directly from their private college counselor. Accelerated application will move up the timeline for your whole application process, so meet with your counselor to discuss how this affects test dates, etc.

Early Decision – Ideal For Your Top School

By applying via the early decision process, an applicant commits to attending the school if accepted and offered adequate financial aid options. (Your private college counselor can help you with financial aid, with experience across thousands of schools and can help you with presenting your best case for student loans, grants, and the like.)

As College Board explains: “Early decision plans are binding — a student who is accepted as an ED applicant must attend the college.” There’s no restriction on submitting regular applications to other schools, but applicants should only submit one early decision application to their top school of choice. In most cases, applicants should expect to receive a decision by December. The only way to back out of an early decision commitment is if financial aid options are inadequate for the student and/or family. A few hours with your private college counselor can save you a lot of money and stress down the line.

Who Should Apply Through Early Action and Early Decision?

These two early application plans are great for college-bound students who have thoroughly researched schools with their private college counselor and are absolutely certain of their first-choice school. In addition, applicants should meet or exceed the college’s standards for GPA, test scores and class rank. (With applications and entrance exams favoring personal insight into your educational goals, your college essay tutor in San Diego offers specialized essay help for effective writing to persuade college admissions professionals.)

Your College Admissions Counselor Is Key to a Smooth Application Process

Once you’re ready to begin the exciting college admissions journey, your very own private college counselor at Hawk Educational Solutions is here to serve you. Make sure you’re regularly in contact with your counselor to ensure a timely, top-notch application process that helps you reach your goals without the stress. In the meantime, research schools that are an excellent fit for you academically, geographically and socially.

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