Let Our Independent College Counselors Help You Earn Scholarships


Many high school seniors, parents, and teachers struggle to submit scholarship applications on time while hustling through the flurry of standardized testing, college applications, housing decisions and the nightmare of unsubsidized loans that is FASFA.

The storm of anxiety and stress quickly gathers strength and leads to monumental burnout long before our prospective collegiate “athletes get off the blocks” of their first year at university.

Our admissions consultants can assist you with many aspects of applying to college, but scholarships are among the most important. They save on tuition — but if you miss them, they may be gone forever.

Our college counselors have years of experience with scholarships — where to apply, calendars, deadlines — and lots and lots of paperwork! Your own admissions counselor can show you what schools are looking for in applicants and how to apply for available slots. Many scholarship application deadlines overwhelmingly arrive before or as college acceptance letters start rolling in, usually in early spring. In fact, the majority of scholarship applications are due long before students’ intent to enroll deposits are due in May.

For High School Seniors:

  • As soon as you submit a college application to a particular university such as Cal Poly Pomona, immediately apply to Pomona’s Bronco Scholarship application (BSA).
  • Most universities have their own scholarship websites that host a multitude of smaller scholarship opportunities through the university’s funding and private foundations.
  • Such scholarships often are available only if you create a scholarship application profile through the target university. A scholarship application is not part of your college application, so do not assume you’ve applied for scholarships with your college application.
  • Even you are only an average student, you may still be eligible for scholarships. It’s not just good grades. It’s about seeing yourself as the kind of student a college wants in its student body — someone who will earn top marks and be successful. Essay help with our college admissions counselors can show you how to present yourself and your story in the most flattering light.

For Parents:

Do you have children in elementary school? Middle school? Start your research now. It’s never too early! There are many scholarships for students as young as 2nd-graders:

It’s also never too early to talk with our admissions consultants about college. Our counselors can help you develop a plan — what classes to take, what extracurriculars can boost your profile, and more. See how college consulting is a game-changer for how you and your child(ren) think about college.

For Teachers and Counselors:

As always, gathering the knowledge and resources early alleviates the mayhem, clears the fog and betters your chances of gaining the financial assistance you need for a debt free college future!

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