What Makes an Effective Private College Counselor or Essay Writing Tutor?

“Where are you going to college?”

If you are in high school, you know it’s not easy to answer that question. But why is that? Well, first of all, many students feel that the choice where to attend college is not their own, much less getting accepted. Students feel obligated to follow the college path shown by their parents, admission officers, and peers, for that matter. There are thousands of colleges to choose from in the United States. The more options to choose from, the harder the decision.

Our San Diego college bound consulting makes that process easier. There are so many things to think about, questions to ask, and decisions to make. When do I apply for college admission? What colleges give me the best chances of being accepted? How many colleges should I apply to? What college prep consulting services give me the best edge against potential classmates?

Our personal college counselors and college essay help coaches in San Diego assist students preparing for college admissions in high school. Your own independent college counselor has many ways to help, from developing lists of colleges (and college prep classes) that are right for you to creating the most competitive college application, including college essay tutoring that’s applicable throughout undergraduate life. Our college prep consultants and essay tutors decrease stress for the student and the student’s family with experienced guidance.

 Working with college admissions consultants and essay coaches early in high school helps students succeed. Students need more than parental guidance alone to reach their full potential.

Do You Really Need Help To Get Into College?

Applying to college used to be less stressful. You submitted a form, your school provided your class rank and test scores, and you got the college’s response letter in the spring. College essay writing was only a part of applying. Nowadays you must do much more than that. And writing your college application essay may be the most important element, other than class rankings and extracurricular activities, in being accepted by your dream school. And there are many contributing factors to a tiresome process made easier — and more effective — by a private college counselor.

Competition for College Admissions Has Exploded

Admission rates in top colleges have shrunk to low single digits. Admission rates for schools ranked slightly lower range from 10%-30%, but that still does not make things much easier for students. Many more students are applying to college, the best schools are competitive, and college bound consulting and essay writing are more necessary for your success than ever before. With so many applications, it becomes very difficult to stand out. A great personal college counselor can assist you in understanding what colleges want and how to promote yourself best.

College Admissions Professionals Are Overwhelmed

Parents often ask what makes a personal college counselor different from a high school’s overworked guidance counselor. Contrary to popular belief, high school guidance counselors cannot help students negotiate the college application process or become more competitive applicants for college admissions. No matter how outstanding their high school school is, counselors have neither the time nor the expertise for it. College counselors in private schools are only able to assist rising seniors — but you need to be preparing for college as a high school freshman. The earlier your college bound consulting, along with early personal college essay tutoring, the better you’ll be prepared for the final laps as a high school senior.

College Applications and Admissions Is A Complex Process Where All the Details Matter

Missed your college admissions deadline? Forgot to sign up for college interviews? Stalling on your college essay? Keeping track of all the factors in college applications is not an easy task — but if you miss even one, you may spoil your opportunities for this year’s admissions.

Applying for college is difficult for students and parents who already preoccupied with daily work, business, family chores, and more. Keeping track of college lists, writing college essays for each school, choosing schools to visit, sending standardized test scores is a lot to pile on the regular routine of daily living. Your personal private college consultant assists you with all of it.

Effective College Bound Consulting Saves You Money

A personal college counselor is an investment in your child’s success. College applications aren’t free, and college enrollment doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee. Failure may mean waiting another year to apply. What if the school you’ve selected is wrong for your child? Without effective college bound consulting, you burn money in enrollment fees and you burn time by having to start over next semester. There may be a better fit for your student’s academic goals, and there may be less costly schools, too. Student loans? Scholarships and grants? Your independent college counselor has got you covered. And an essay writing tutor gives you that new set of eyes on work that needs editing or even rewriting entirely.

Your Own Independent College Counselor Saves You Time

Furthermore, in case you have been fixated on very few options in school. Your college admissions consultant will help you point out the right schools and programs with an environment that will suit you. Above all, when you work with an admissions consultant creating a resume, prepping for interviews, wiring personal statements, you will be able to gain skills that will not only come in handy in your academic life but also in all your future professional endeavors. (This goes double for your essay writing help!)

College bound consulting helps you every step of the journey and keep you two steps ahead of the game. Both the application procedure and the end outcomes benefit from such diligent planning. We’ll collaborate to create a personalized admissions strategy. So that your application adequately showcases all of your outstanding and intriguing attributes.

A Personal College Counselor Represents You Better for Colleges

An college admissions advisor with years of experience will not only take away all the stress and anxiety of the admission process but help present your best self in the application. He or she will suggest extracurricular activities, help choose the right courses, create a college list, set a timeline, prep for interviews, and keep you on the right path. College admissions value great grades, engagement in extracurricular activities, thoughtful volunteering, amazing college application essays, and an enriching school experience.

College Bound Consulting Gives You a Clearer “Big Picture” and Its Details

Since colleges are very competitive, and it’s not easy to figure out how to get into one of your favorite ones. Effective college bound consulting helps you start earlier, expose you to all the necessary experience and transform your weakness into strengths. He will help you gain an enriching school experience making you a competitive candidate with an ideal application. 

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